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How do I book TheGirl Beauty Co?

In order to properly book and secure your wedding date, TheGirls have a booking process that ensures your wedding is fulfilled to the fullest.
- Initial Contact
- Client information sheet filled out with wedding details to create a wedding profile in HoneyBook
- Proposal created based on information provided 
- Once services are confirmed, a timeline of the day will be created for review
-Once services and layout are approved, a deposit and signed contract is required to lock in the documents above. 
-Any changes made after this point are subject to availability

What is a timeline, why do we create one and what is importnant details needed to complete this step?

Timelines allow for you as the client to plan the day as well as for us to schedule your artist(s) time and the number of them.

The most important part to a timeline is the start time and end time. Everything in between fluctuates as each person/service varies in time length. We ask that participants are not given definite start/end times to ensure that someone is always in an artist(s) chair at all times. 

Are Bridal previews required?

No BUT highly encouraged! This is an optional appointment for you and your artist(s) to meet and get to know each other while going over your wedding ideas, theme colors as well as the inspiration behind your desired beauty look.

If a preview is not performed, additional time is not built in the day of to perform multiple looks 

When I book TheGirls do I have the artist all to myself?

Each booking is just as important as the next. We take pride in ensuring each client is felt heard and delivered exception service. 

With that, many times a work day can look like a game of Tetris meaning your artist(s) may be coming from another booking or heading to another after. Some times an artist may arrive half way through and the first artist leaves to head to another wedding BUT we have these details strategically planned out and will not effect the product you are receiving. 

If your team ends before completion time, whoop whoop, they will typically pack up after touch us and head out because they have fulfilled their job. 

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